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Community Leadership Team Leads

Cerissa Abbott

Stacey K Harvey


The Community provides training and program information, and creates an environment of sharing through quarterly summit meetings, plus meetings such as New Leader Cafes. There are planned meetings throughout the year. A member from each troop is encouraged to be at the Community meetings.

The Community is led by experienced volunteers comprising the Community Leadership Team and Community Service Team.

The Community Leadership Team (CLT)

  • Oversees and supports others on the Community Service Team

  • Advises and guides volunteers in the Community

  • Appoints leaders and some service team members


The Community Service Team (CST)

  • Mentor advises and helps troops develop quality girl activities and will assist with problems, concerns or questions

  • Community Registration Specialist processes all registration paperwork for girls and adults

  • Community Financial Specialist assists troop leaders in establishing a troop/group bank account, receives annual financial report, and maintains Community finances

  • Community Product Sales Lead provides training for troops for sale of fall products, coordinates delivery of fall product and evaluates Fall Product sale with Council Staff.  Also oversees the product sales team.

Community Service Team Memebers

Community Communication Specialist:

Stacey Harvey  

**If you would like to get an email out to the community, please send it to Stacey first and she will send it out to everyone, thank you.**

Community Treasurer:

Teresa Sultando

Community Adult Recognition Lead:

Cerissa Abbott

Community Registration & Placement Specialist:


Placement Liaison    

** Looking for someone to help with these positions**

School Liaison Lead:

Stacy Paxton            ​

Independent Registered Girl (IRG) Waitlist Contact:

Raquel Lewis            ​

Service Projects/ Take Action Organizer:


Community Facilitator & Mentor Team Leads:

Cerissa Abbott

Community Product Sales:

Fall Product Sales

Angela Marunowski


Cookie Sales:
Stacey Harvey  

Council Staff Members

Dimonique Lott
Volunteer Experience Manager (VEM)
3110 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
Ph: 713-292-0268
Main: 713-292-0300

Community Experience Manager (CEM)
3110 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
Ph: ()

Bay Area Girl Scout Shop Hours

Shop Phone number:


Girl Scouts Of San Jacinto Council

3110 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
PH: 713-292-0300 or

Para Español: 877-250-8110

Thank You!

Thank You!

If you see these leaders and volunteers out and about, please thank them for stepping up and volunteering their time and effort. It is wonderful volunteers like them and previous who how’ve joined who help make our community work!!

With that being said, we are looking to fill the following positions in our community……

  • Recognitions

  • Service Project/Take Action Organizer

  • Event Team Lead

  • Event Girl Planning Board Advisor

  • Roster Specialist

  • Toolkit Wizard

  • Training Liaison

We are trying to plan as many events as we can for our community, however, we need amazing leaders and volunteers to help step up to fill these positions to make our ideas a reality. We are looking for highly motivated go getters with self initiative to join our team. Without your help, we can’t make more magic happen for our girls such as outings and community team building events. If you would like to volunteer, or would even like to hear more about the positions and their duties and time frame, please email for more information. All of these positions come with training that the community CLT’s can help you with. CST Members meet every other month virtually and/or in person. Please consider joining us to continue making Stargazers a sought after community to join in San Jacinto Council!!

Thank you for everything y’all do!!

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